Diversifying skill sets into multiple technology stacks

It is hard to define what can be the best of technology stack that defines your skill sets and makes you stand out in the crowd of millions of developers. It is also not easy when you stick to one technology and one fine day you have a feeling that you are far behind in the technological race. Every day we see new technologies emerging in market, some are outstanding to make a difference in your day-to-day life as a developer and some which makes no difference at all.

After all when we start our day as a programmer and try to create new dimensions in our code-base or dig into a high priority defect or bug reported, the only question that comes to our mind is how can we resolve this with minimal work, better optimization, less orientation and provide better approach or process involved. Its like we have a dish full of ingredients to prepare the food but we are not sure which one to take and leave behind the ones which might not be good in taste. People around us like fellow developers, architect, solution engineers will guide us to decide the best approach but what makes difference is how you attempt to use your technology stack and combine with some new technologies which you have never worked with. A fear of denial and failure comes to our mind and we place ourselves in one single room not extending our boundaries or thinking out-of-box to be safe and avoid the discrepancies.

Every technology have a root to follow, a guideline common in every aspect whether it is defining relations between object and classes or a pattern that leverage the orientation and process workflow of code. Regardless of what technologies known to you and the ones new to you, every technology follows a common pattern of instructions and guidelines to streamline the process. We need to emphasize more on our understanding for the root of these technologies and these patterns which will make us more strong to take decisions of what can be the best approach for our solution which will follow some programming protocols. Diversifying our skill-sets into multiple technology stacks by listening to various technology podcasts, reading technical articles and journals, reviewing blogs will surely help us to make ourselves stand out in the crowd. Most of us have an aspect of reading these technical blog or listening the podcast when we face an issue and we look around to find a possible resolution, but if we always keep ourselves updated reading these these technical articles at our free times or leisure we might already have a solution in our mind when we face these technological challenges in our day-to-day life. All we need to do is diversify ourselves, our thought processes to come out-of-box and enhance our learning capabilities. Its true there is no age to learn new things because when we learn something new we earn a better part of life.